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Akane Ikeda
Akane Ikeda
Akane Ikeda profile shot
Character Information
Also Known As Aka-chan
Gender Female
Date of Birth {{{d.o.b.}}}
Age 17
Height 158cm.(5'2")
Weight 49kg (110lbs,)
Background Information
Family Unnamed mother
Unnamed father (deceased)
Goal N/A
Likes writing stories
playing with animals
Dislikes when people are bullied
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student (Year 1, Class 3)
Team N/A
Number N/A
Position N/A
Debut Information
Manga N/A
Anime N/A
Seiyu Information
Japanese VA {{{japanese voice actor}}}
English VA Cassandra Lee Morris


She is a short girl with a skinny body and long legs. She has light mint colored eyes and naturally dark brown hair, but was bleached blonde and is now shades of blue and green. Her most defined facial features are her somewhat noticeable cheekbones and a rounded chin.

Akane usually sports dark grays or black with splashes of dark blue or dark red.

After school, she changes into a more casual outfit to help the team. On the weekends when she works at Keishin's shop, she wears a dark colored top with a denim vest, combat boots, and ripped jeans.


Akane is a very sociable and flirty girl who helps out with the boys' volleyball team. She is quick witted and sarcastic, knowing how to answer to anything. She is strong-willed and keeps on a bright smile. She has more guy best friends than girls, due to not getting along with them very well. Even though she has a short height, her personality and boldness make up for it.



Tobio Kageyama

Due to Akane being a very flirty person, people think that she and Kageyama are dating. She likes to use dirty or cheesy pick-up lines so that he blushes. However, he sometimes responds with a line of his own.

Hinata Shoyo

Ryunsuke Tanaka

Asahi Azumane

Tadashi Yamaguchi

Keishin Ukai

Kei Tsukishima

Yu Nishinoya


  • "I shamelessly flirt with my best friends. So what?"
  • "I just wanna see that smile."


  • She is afraid of thunder and silence
  • She has a small white puppy named Dati
  • She also owns a white kitten named Emi