Aku Tsubaki
Aku intro
Character Information
Also Known As "Tsubaki the 2nd" by Aki Tsubaki
Gender Female
Date of Birth June 26
Age 16
Height 173.2cm
Weight 54.3kg
Background Information
Family Aki Tsubaki (Older Sister)
Unnamed Parents
Goal Unknown
Likes Ramen
Dislikes House Chores
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student (2nd Year)
Team Yūforia High (Girls' Team)
Number 04
Position Right side hitter
Debut Information
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Seiyu Information
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I won't just give up! I'm not that type of person who starts something and won't finish it.
Aku Tsubaki

Aku Tsubaki (アクツバキ, Aku Tsubaki) is a second year at Yūforia High. She is the right side hitter for the Girls' Volleyball Team. Aku is the younger sister of Aki Tsubaki.


Aku has wavy and long green hair. Typically wearing a calm and sleepy expression. Aku is fairly tall and has a fair skin tone. She has golden eyes, feature from her older sister, Aki Tsubaki. Her bangs is usually covering her right eye.

She has an unseen thin and slanted scar at her back, being long. When playing volleyball, Aku keeps her hair into a high ponytail with her bangs loose.


Aku is calm, cold and harsh. She spends her time with her older sister at the rooftop during lunch and is quiet. She doesn't talk as much as her sister does. Aku is able to throw harsh insults towards a person.