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Breaking Point
Breaking Point




Breaking Point is an ability that cannot be activated at will, but the user has to be in a dire situation where their team is struggling or a person of such an exceeding talent appears before them, the user is able to activate Breaking Point to make up for that gap in skill between them or to ignite their team's attacking and defensive power. Most sportsmen and women can only use 80% of their power at most but Breaking Point allows them to tap into the 20% of their power they usually can't access, allowing the user to use up to 80 to 100% of their true power.


Gildarts Aura

How Breaking Point Looks Like From The Opponent's Point Of View

As decribed before, a massive increase in power can be achieved through Breaking Point. All of their abilities are heightened, even the ones that were already extraordinary. Breaking Point can be so powerful that both Terminator Eye and Initiator Eye and even Dominator Eye which is the combination of the two eyes stated before, can be rendered futile against Breaking Point.


Due to the sudden gain in power, not all users of this ability can handle the power they attain, placing a heavy strain on their body, practically rendering them useless if their Breaking Point runs out during the match. Also, once a user has experienced their Breaking Point powers, it is harder to access the powers again as the user has a feeling of the power they gain and subconsciously want to feel it again but as clearly stated before, a person cannot activate their Breaking Point at will.