Chifuyu Kawakami
Elegant Winter
Character Information
Also Known As Fucchan (by Oikawa)
Chifuyu (by Iwaizumi)
Fuyu-chan (by Kindaichi)
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 18
Age 15
Height 169 cm (5'7")
Weight 54 kg (119 lbs)
Background Information
Family Chiharu Kawakami (older twin sister)
Goal To open her own gallery
Likes Volleyball
Dislikes Ghost stories
Professional Status
Occupation High school student (1st Year, Class 5)
Team Aobajōsai High
Number None
Position Manager
Debut Information
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Seiyu Information
Japanese VA Risa Taneda
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Chifuyu Kawakami (川上千冬 Kawakami Chifuyu) is a first year student in Aobajōsai High. She, together with her older twin sister Chiharu, is the manager for Aobajōsai High volleyball team.


She has long, light brown hair cut in Hime-cut style in the front. Her main attire is Aobajōsai High normal uniform. Her eyes are the same color with her hair. She always carry a black clipboard when in training or official match.


Unlike her talkative sister, Chifuyu is more to the reserved and quiet one. She is also extra cautious around people, even around Aobajōsai team members. She is also not as hot-headed as her older sister, and a bit more mature than her sister. Because of this, majority of people often mistook her as the older twin. According to her classmates, she emanates the aura of a "Heian noblewoman" due to her seemingly elegant behavior.




Yūtarō Kindaichi

Her classmate. They get along quite well because they are on the same class and team. Chifuyu is the only one who did not thought of him as "lanky" and often expresses how cool of him to be the tallest one in the team. She calls him with an affectionate nickname "Yū-chan"; a nickname which embarrasses him when she accidentally calls him like that in front of other members or classmates.


  • Nomenclature:
    • Chifuyu (千冬) - Thousand Winter
    • Kawakami (川上) - River Upstream