Haruto Katsu
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Gender Female
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Age 16
Height 152.4cm (5' 0")
Weight 41.73kg (92lbs.)
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I don't bite...very hard at least.
Haruto Katsu

Haruto Katsu is a 2nd year at Karasuno High and pitcher on the after-school Baseball Team. She is the eldest of the five siblings in the Katsu Household.


Kat is a short girl with sapphire blue eyes, warm beige skin, and long "watermelon" pink hair that reaches her back and choppy bangs that hang above her eyebrows.

She normally wears contacts when anywhere besides her household, which even then is mostly at night.

She wants tattoos, but hasn't gotten any.


Haru has a pretty sarcastic and open minded personality. She sees all possibilities in all situations no matter what it is or the cost. She can be manipulative and sneaky when it comes to getting what she wants and won't hold back on it anyways. Though she is a prankster, she often enjoys a quiet atmosphere, and just relaxing. She thinks differently than others might say she is. It's rare to see her cry, which hardly never happens unless she trusts you and is comfortable around you.

Haru has a wild personality, with a mad temper. It's not as bad, but when she's really mad she'll throw or hit something. She'll try and put on a tough front but she's really sensitive and can break easily. In all honesty, she just wants to go out and have fun, believing in the best of people.