Neera Pokhrel
Neera kanazaki pokhrel mugshot anime oc
Character Information
Also Known As Dim Light (by Maiya)
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 04
Age 21
Height 5' 7"
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Background Information
Family Maiya Pokhrel (younger sister)
Goal To be a good wife
Have fun with as many friends as possible
Likes fairies
contrasting colors
large crowds of people
Dislikes Hisashi Kinoshita
Professional Status
Occupation Hostess
Team N/A
Number N/A
Position N/A
Debut Information
Manga N/A
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Seiyu Information
Japanese VA Satomi Arai
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You're the reason I drink when I get home.
Neera Pokhrel

Neera Pokhrel (真衣弥 ニラジュ) is the older sister of Maiya Pokhrel. She is also a successful hostess due to her social-oriented personality.


Neera shares her sister's impressive stature but has less visible muscle. She has slightly messy black hair that has bangs barely touching her shoulders and gray eyes covered by a pair of teal glasses. She also normally wears light colored lipstick.

She is often seen wearing clothing that could be considered cosplay rather than normal street wear, due to dares from friends.


She is a bright and friendly person who is tolerant and excels in pretending to be empathetic for the sake of her job.

In stark contrast to her sister, she embraces a social and loud lifestyle, leaving behind the tradition of her home country. She came to a realization that they were oppressive for the life she wished to live, which was that of an American movie star.


Keishin Ukai

Maiya Pokhrel



  • Favorite Food: Most foods in Madhesi cuisine
  • Current Concern: Her sister doesn't want to live with her
  • She is currently attempting to learn how to play piano
  • According to Maiya, she has multiple Japanese hip-hop songs on her phone's playlist
  • A stray cat killed her fish when she was still watching, hence her apprehensive actions towards Hisashi


Theme Songs

  • Sex Whales - Where's The Pizza