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Terminator Eye
Terminator Eye

Allows Blocker To Predict Attacks

Terminator Eye is an ability that only a select few are born with. It allows a player to become a terminator of any incoming attacks, giving them exceptional ball-reading skills, enabling them to practically predict the course, speed or power of an attack, ultimately rendering the enemy team useless.


Terminator Eye

A User Locking On To The Ball With Terminator Eye

Terminator Eye has only one true strength, the strength to stop any attack no matter the circumstances the blocker is put under. The eye can apparently "lock on" to the ball, which then moves the user in the direction of the ball without any of the user's thoughts being put into the actions, removing the reaction delay time that comes with the thought process, allowing the user a near-perfect position that more often than not, stops any form of attack. In fact, terminators (those who wield this eye) often describe the sensation as being a bystander to their own movements. This eye has often been called the epitome of read-blocking, a form of blocking in where the blocker follows the ball's movement and reacts accordingly to it.


The primary purpose of this eye only hones one's defensive capabilities, ranging from blocking to receiving the ball, with their body naturally used to reacting to attacks, it isn't a surprise to see that terminators are often lost when it comes to their team's attacking, not knowing what position to be in and so on. Not only that, but with their body constantly on the move to defend attacks without second thought, a lot of stamina is used in the process, with users of this ability tiring out in the second set if they have been constantly defending.

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